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This section contains links to photographs of Guild members' ship models as well as photographs our members have taken of prototype ships, maritime museums and nautical attractions.

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Phil Benson :

Bob Denault :

Ray Daughtry :

Jim Krauzlis : Jim started out in modeling building plastic models and then moved on to balsa and tissue airplanes. His love for the sea and sailing warships naturally led to building wooden sailing ship models. He is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, at Kings Point, New York, but became more involved in ship modeling while attending law school as a distraction to his studies. As of late he is building paper ship models, having build strictly wooden ship models previously, as he finds working in paper is a cleaner media to work in and can be done without a formal workshop area and involves a simple set of basic tools, such as modeling knife, scissors, PVA glue and odds and ends normally found around the house. The subject matter for paper ship modeling is also limited only by one's ability to work in computer graphics, although many models of all nature and scale are available commercially as well.

Paul Mitchell : Paul is Shipcraft Guild's webwright (aka web master) and a member of the Nautical Research Guild (NRG). He returned to the hobby after a long hiatus, but got sidetracked developing magazine back issue CD-ROMs for Seaways Publishing and the NRG. Paul is currently researching WWII Army FS boats for a project. Although Paul frequently threatens to actually build something, but you won't find any evidence of it here.

Nancy Nalbantian :

Dan Pariser : Dan is Secretary of the Shipcraft Guild and a member of the Nautical Research Guild (NRG). Dan has been researching and building models of ships for over 20 years. Dan is currently serving as Ship Model Conservator at the South Street Seaport Museum.

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